Chill Out While Our PR Experts
Do the Work

We know you need help convincing your customers that you deserve more wealth at their expense. Put your paws up while we do the hard work for you! Our team of PR experts are standing by ready to assist.

(And believe me, our PR consultants are good. Ever hear the words “social inflation?” That was their idea!)

Here are a few “problems” they’ve concocted as part of their brilliant “social inflation” campaign. So many options to choose from! See below for some suggestions. Just pick one that works best for you. In no time, you’ll be blaming everyone but you for your decision to price-gouge your customers. (And don’t worry. We’ll keep all your secrets.)

05a-MeToo-finalLarge verdicts against giant reckless corporations. (Does anyone really need to know that you’ve been complaining about large verdicts for decades and that you rarely ever pay them? We say, no!)

The #MeToo movement. (Most nonunion workers are subject to forced arbitration clauses and class action bans, which keep victims completely out of court. Nobody needs to know.)

Child sexual abuse cases. (With our expert help, no one will ever know that most states block access to the courts for survivors, and even when legitimate claims go forward, the insurance industry often will not cover them.)

Litigation finance companies. (Actual experts say that litigation finance firms screen out meritless cases – sorta the opposite of what you’ve been saying. We’ll just keep that between us.)

05c-AccidentVictim-final-01Verdicts for catastrophically-injured people hurt in big-rig truck crashes. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that these crashes are horrific, yet federal law only requires $750,000 insurance coverage for trucks, a minimum that hasn’t been increased in decades so most victims are undercompensated.)

The 2008 financial crisis, now causing jurors to treat corporations unfairly. (We will make sure to never to remind people that this crisis occurred over a decade ago.)

Millennials on juries suddenly rendering unfair verdicts. (No need to remind anyone at all that millennials have been serving on juries since 1999.) 

Cases brought by defrauded shareholders against public companies. (The downward trend of these cases, followed by their recent precipitous drop, will be our big secret.)

Juries numb to money because of celebrity and athlete salaries. (Neither jury data nor paid loss data show such a trend, but we promise, no one’s paying attention to data.)

(For sources and backup, click here.)


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